Concept Art designs for locations, characters & costumes.
Marty's House Sally's House Sally's house Sally's roof top The staircase to Sally's house Inside Sally's house Sally's kitchen sally's house at night General Merchandise ... where you can buy most everything. The Disco Inferno Planetarium  The park entrance. The park Highschool hallway Robots. Robots. The College of Fine Arts. Sally's radio. Sally's parents Toto the publisher. Marty & Sally. Sally Sally. Sally's helmet. Marty, Marty & Marty. Sally's dish dryer. Sally's gizmo controller. Sally's laundry hanger gizmo thing. The perya. At the cinema. The comic shop. The city. The city.
Behind the Scenes The film was shot in KB STUDIOS the biggest & best soundstage in Mega Manila.
Sally in Marty's room. Run. Jump. Hang out at the park. Sally. This will be Sally's kitchen. Tuilding interior.his will be a b Sally. Infront of Sally's house. Hello? Is it me your looking for? Love letters with chroma man. Fine arts students. Playback. Intense. The park set. Marty floating. Nick & Marty at the gym. This is Zorro. Outside Sally's room. Ouchies. Car! Yes! Pretty Patty. Highschool students. The set, it smiles see? Chroma man & Sally. Marty's mom. At the park. Set pieces. Toto's office. 3 cam set up & Momo the dog. Students. Team Saving Sally.

Version 1 Trailer
This is actually our second time building the film, we had almost finished it once but we had to rebuild the whole thing from scratch (it's a long story).

You can view more of our previous work in progress here.


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